Boyden Executive Search

Corporate Responsibility

Boyden interim management is committed to operating its core business in a socially responsible way. Our goal is to manage the executive search process to benefit our clients with an eye to society at large.

We continually assess our processes by listening to employees, candidates, clients and stakeholders with the goal of understanding the issues most important to them, and their expectations of Boyden. This allows us to design our programs and goals in a systematic, transparent fashion that considers our company and clients as a team.

As our understanding grows, we refine our recommendations for consultation and implementation of new corporate responsibility mandates.

Environment, Workplace and Community

Our leadership position in the global community gives us a distinct perspective on responsible stewardship of the world. Due to our unique structure, we are able to commit to establishing a presence in emerging communities – an investment in making a positive impact on both business and the environment.

In addition to including environmental awareness in our business philosophy, we have made concrete changes in the way we work every day. We understand the case for responsible and ethical purchasing, and work with each local Boyden office to follow new guidelines. Boyden staff have always supported and volunteered with local charities, arts and activities in each community, and are proud of their contributions.

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