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Candidate Profile

Boyden’s interim managers come from varied backgrounds. Most are seasoned executives. Many have highly specialized expertise. Still others are entrepreneurial managers with startup experience.

Our candidates must be an excellent fit in terms of experience, technical expertise and leadership style, but also a great fit culturally. They should be able to:

What qualities do we look for in an interim executive?

A combination of tangible and intangible qualities determines whether an individual will be successful as an interim. Some of these include:

Experience: Even if you’ve held executive-level roles and worked in challenging environments, you will need to demonstrate that you can do so successfully in an interim capacity. Interims need to integrate quickly and deliver results at pace, with or without support.

Ability to Engage Teams: Able to motivate, engage and operate with the intellectual and emotional intelligence to understand behaviors and team dynamics.

Leadership Skills: Ability to step into a situation or crisis and provide objective leadership and a fresh perspective.

Broad Context: A background characterized by complex and diverse experience across multiple organizations and sectors is hugely advantageous.

Accessibility: Being accessible and willing to travel is essential, as many roles will require you to be based away from home Monday through Friday. Availability and flexibility around the many variables of an assignment, such as location, rate, duration, etc. are also important.

Is interim management right for me?

If you are contemplating a career in interim management, there are various things to consider:

  • What is your market value?
  • Do you have past experience as an interim? If not, then how does your permanent experience help you transition into becoming an interim?
  • How many days do you want or need to work per year as an interim? You may want to prepare a business plan or financial assessment for your new life as an interim.
  • Do you have an interim resume prepared?
  • Have you established an LLC or comparable as a business vehicle?

An interim management career definitely requires flexibility, patience, strong networking skills, and an understanding of your “value proposition,” as well as the skill to translate and relate your experience and passion. This is equal in importance to your ability to fulfil an interim project.

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